Wednesday, June 20

last night in Carlsbad

Just as we did on our first night in our Carlsbad home, tonight we all snuggled up together on the floor in the master bedroom.  Tomorrow morning we'll start our drive north.  Mike flew back this evening to make the drive up with us and brought these awesome shirts for the kids.  They are very excited to start this new adventure in Oregon! 

packing up

We always consider how the kids will feel about change in our lives, but Greta is probably the one we need to concern ourselves with the most.  Our kids are easygoing, flexible and adapt well to any environment.  Greta, on the other hand, is a nervous dog and always worries whenever anything small changes.  Watching all the activity at our house over the last few weeks, and this week in particular, has been difficult for her.  Today she camped outside under the moving truck as the team of five guys loaded up the truck with all our belongings.  The poor girl has no idea what is going on and wants to make sure she is not forgotten or left behind! 
This morning was Meredith's preschool graduation.  It was an emotional day for many reasons.  Our family has been a part of Redeemer By The Sea's preschool program for three full years now.  Both kids have loved the time they spent there making friends, leaning new things and being a part of a great community.  We will miss this part of our lives but are also excited for the awesome things to come.  For this special little girl the next stage is Kindergarten.  She is more than ready!

Tuesday, June 19

Daddy's jobs

I had to mince Thomas' food so he could eat due to loose tooth
We have very little food in our house now that everything is packed up.  I also didn't do a good job planning ahead because the food we do have requires silverware, can openers, bowls, all of that kind of stuff that is packed up.  So this morning when the kids woke I suggested we head out for breakfast before the movers and a few contractors showed up to fill our day.  I thought they'd be super excited but it was actually quite the opposite with both kids telling me, "...but that's what we do with Daddy!"  Yesterday and again today I heard the same sort of thing when I suggested to Thomas that he allow me to help his loose tooth come out.  Apparently going out for breakfast and taking care of loose teeth are Daddy's jobs, not mine.  Good thing we'll be seeing him again tomorrow!!

Monday, June 18

They're coming to take us away...

 a red carpet for our goodbyes ~ boxes everywhere!
The movers came this morning to pack up our stuff.  I had packed up and organized a bunch of things before they arrived so they were pretty happy with how simple and straightforward their job was today.  They told me this several times throughout the day.  The main guy looked and acted a lot like my brother, Doug, and the kids picked up on this, too.  They had a great time chatting with him while he worked -- and he did with them, too.  Later he told me he has three children and his youngest is a 3 year old girl.  It's no wonder he was so good with them and didn't mind them hanging around watching his every move!
 my beloved pantry now echoes ~ kitchen is so open w/o our clutter
kids in boxes ~ dinner out since we have no food or silverware

Sunday, June 17

Kai, Thomas, Meredith & Xander at Legoland (Delaney is not pictured)
These four kids have so much fun together.  There's lots of excitement and anticipation in the days leading up to seeing each other.  They live in L.A. so we only see them a few times a year but they always remember each other and look forward to playing together.  Kai is 5 - 6 months older than Meredith so he plays equally well with both of our kids.  Last night I heard Kai and Thomas quizzing each other with spelling, math, general science stuff when they should have been sleeping!  Xander is 3.5 years old but doesn't miss a thing with the other kids.  He and Meredith play really well together, too.  Heck, they all play very well together.  Delaney just turned one year so she's not quite up to speed with these four, yet.  It was fun to have this family all over for dinner last night.  Kai stayed the night with us and then this morning we all met up again at our house before heading over to Legoland.  Talk about a fun time!  My kids will be talking about this for weeks to come...
Since we live so close to Legoland, I always refuse to buy them anything at the park.  We'll get the "special treat", but never a toy, clothing or other general merchandise.  We live 2 miles away and go all the time.  I couldn't buy them something every time we go!  However, today is probably the last time we'll go before we move (and who knows when we'll be back) so they each picked out a new t-shirt. 

It's crazy how fast these last four years have gone.  The first membership I purchased anywhere when we moved here was the "Model Mom Club" membership at Legoland.  I think it was a Thursday only membership but that worked great for me.  I'd take Thomas in the BOB stroller and wear Meredith in the Ergo.  I joined the Stroller Strides workouts at the park -- talk about a workout when I was carrying a baby!  It's so different now with these two running all over the place!    


Saturday, June 16

birthday parties galore

We were invited to three - yes, three! - birthday parties today.  Normally we wouldn't attend all three.  It's just too much and with two being at the exact same time and the third immediately after, well, it was a little crazy.  However, Meredith's best friend was celebrating her 5th birthday with a small group of girls... our friends, the Cappiellos, were celebrating their little guy's 1st birthday... and Thomas really wanted to attend his school friend's pool party.  We RSVPd yes to all three but only made it to two today due to some house business that came up.  Meredith's girlfriend's party was a drop-off so I have no photos of that one, but I have lots of photos from Thomas' friend's party.  There was lots of swimming, eating and the best animal show I've seen.  Both kids had a blast!


Friday, June 15

SUP with Thomas

 Thomas and Michael after paddling
Just about every Friday morning I go Standup Paddleboarding on the local lagoon, usually with a friend or two.  It's only an hour but I find it so relaxing and fun at the same time.  With our lives so busy these days, it's nice to take that hour to enjoy the simplicity of this sport, the quiet on the lagoon and breathing in some ocean air.  It's an activity I look forward to. 

Due to the move, I thought the last time I went out would be my last time.  However, my friend asked if I couldn't just possibly go out one more time so I suggested we take our boys (they are both already out of school for the summer) and she was game.  Well, maybe not entirely game, but she was willing to give it a shot.

The boys had a great time!  Thomas really enjoyed it.  We shared a board and I had him sit in front of me while I paddled.  He kept asking me if he could stand up and when he could have a turn.  I wanted him to try so we paddled over to a beach.  I hopped off and he stood up and started paddling.  He didn't go far from shore and I walked alongside him the whole way (water up to my knees), but he was doing it!  I could feel the board move when he paddled so I know he was really working.  When we returned to the club he wanted to do it a little more so I pushed him out a few feet so he could paddle to shore a couple of times.  Afterwards he said he really enjoyed it, would like to do it again, and wants to learn how to surf.  What a fun kid! 


Thursday, June 14

San Diego County Fair

 San Diego County Fair 2012: Out of this World
This year we joined friends for a fun late afternoon at the San Diego County Fair.  The theme this year - Out of this World - was perfect for Thomas and his pal, Michael.  What 7 year old doesn't love space, right?!  The fair always uses one exhibition hall to carry out the year's theme so this year the hall was decked out with UFOs, astronauts, AREA 51 signs (and bar!), military stuff, space stuff, and pretty much anything that has anything to do with space exploration.

Every year we go as a family so going with friends was a different experience but no less fun.  For them, the afternoon included a few things they either hadn't done/seen or things they don't usually spend much time doing.  For us, it was a great afternoon at the fair with special friends!    

last day of school for Thomas!

Today was Thomas' last day of First Grade.  This last year sure went by quickly.  He came home today clutching his yearbook, his backpack full of things and a sad look upon his face.  When I asked if he was okay he shrugged and said he was feeling sad.  A few more questions later and I learned that he's sad to not see his principal anymore.  Seriously!  Principal Heusing has been wonderful this year and all the parents, teachers and staff love her.  The school district has promoted her to another Carlsbad elementary and middle school (they share a campus, too).  There were very upset parents and teachers, protests, petitions and many who attended district meetings to voice their concerns.  Heusing has done an excellent job and AOE wants to keep her.  However, she'll be moving this Fall.  And everyone, including Thomas, is already sad that she won't be at AOE anymore. 

Among his things was a report card.  I wasn't surprised with all the Excellent and 5+ marks he received.  He's a good student.  

Wednesday, June 13


We have been very fortunate to know so many wonderful people during our (almost) 4.5 years here.  We've been trying to get together with each and every one of them one last time before we move.  It's been a little crazy, really.  From parties to dinners to playdates to lunches, we've been having a very busy and fun several weeks.  But past experience assures me that friendships don't end just because one moves away.  In some instances, it even strengthens those bonds.  And when you have families that have become friends, there's an even better chance you'll be seeing those friends again.  So as we make the rounds and bid farewell to friends we're also making plans to see them again soon.  A couple families, like these girls pictured above, will be in Oregon this summer -- we can't wait to see them up there.       

Tuesday, June 12

Bridging Ceremony

At the end of the school year, the Cub Scouts are recognized for their achievements and participate in a "Bridging Ceremony".  Every Cub Scout is called individually to cross over the bridge, marking their transition from the level they were at this past year to the level they will be this coming year.  For Thomas, that means changing from a TIGER to a WOLF.  There is a separate Wolf handbook with all new activities and requirements, a new scarf and hat color (orange to yellow), and a recognition that he's accomplished all the requirements of a Tiger.  He's done a fantastic job this year and I know next year will only be better.  Congratulations, Thomas! 

Thomas as a Tiger (old) ~ sack races on the sand looks like a workout!
roasting marshmallows for s'mores ~ Meredith models a sack
 tug-of-war: the wolves won twice! ~ Thomas after "bridging over" to Wolf (new)